Make Nine 2019 Recap

My plan for this year’s Make Nine was to really dig in – to pick nine makes that I wouldn’t just make, but would toile and make and make again until I felt like I’d mastered something new. I set out my plans at the end of 2018 and stayed pretty true to them with one exception. I traded out the SOI Lizzie skirt with the Closet Case Kalle shirt dress. Let’s get into it!

Make 1 – Ginger Jeans

My Closet Case Ginger Jeans were my first foray into jeans making and I was soooo excited when I finished them. I stood outside in January in a t-shirt so my husband could help me photograph them. They aren’t perfect. I still have work to do to perfect the fit. They will reappear in my next Make Nine and I have plans for two more pairs with a lower rise and a stretchier wasitband.

I also used the Ginger Jeans waistband and pockets for what I called Langers – a Ginger/Lander mashup. I made a Japanese denim version and some shorts. The shorts turned out too tight in the waist band but they were a good experiment.

Make 2 – Lander Pants

My True Bias Lander Pants came soon after my Ginger Jeans and I wore the crap out of them all spring and summer. The pattern also contributed to the Langers mentioned and pictured above. I plan to retain the wide-leg for some future pants makes and am glad I have this pattern in my stash.

Make 3 – Marigold Jumpsuit

I really wanted a jumpsuit and chose the Tilly and the Buttons Marigold with full intent to hack the neckline but this pattern turned out to be a real challenge. I had to remake the pants three times to get the fit somewhat passable. After that, I used it and used it and re-used it. I ended up making the first black jumpsuit, a mashup jumpsuit with the Itch to Stitch Anza top, and three pairs of hacked “Clyde” pants.

I’ll admit, not all of these are a success but most of that comes down to choosing fabrics that end up baggy in the bum after just a little bit of sitting. The big successes out of this bunch were the black jumpsuit and the pink Tencel pants. I wore them a lot all spring and summer.

Make 4 – Rowan Swim Suit

This make was on my 2018 Make Nine list but I didn’t get to it. Or rather, I didn’t feel up to it. I sure tackled it in 2019 though! I used the Megan Nielsen Rowan pattern along with the free Megan Nielsen Acacia and the free Barrett Bralette from Madalynne Intimates for a complete swim capsule wardrobe. Admittedly, i don’t need this many swim suits but my proficiency at making swim wear increased mightily by the end. I also made a bodycon dress from the Rowan pattern that I still have mixed thoughts about.

Megan Nielsen Rowan swim suit, rash guard and dress

Make 5 – Bras!

This was a big one for me this year. I started out with scraps and the free Madalynne Intimates Barrett Bralette and the Emerald Erin Jordy Bralette. Of the two, the Barrett was a clear winner. The Jordy got taken apart for scraps immediately and the Barrett became my go-to sports bra but I still needed real bras with a back opening and a deep V in the front to accommodate some of my tops and my Magnolia dress.

I tried the Bra-Makers Supply Sweet Sixteen Bralette but it had too much coverage in the front. Then I found the Cloth Habit Watson Bra. I added foam and it became the perfect supportive deep-v with no underwire and great strap position.

Six Cloth Habit Watson Bras

This make has been a game changer for me. I’ve worn one of these bras every day since I batch sewed them and will remake this pattern again and again and again as I need it. No more bra-buying for me!

Make 6 – Kelly Anorak

My Closet Case Kelly Anorak is the only make on this list that I didn’t take as much time as I should have. I worked really hard on the back hem mod and on my workmanship, but not hard enough on the fit. Aside from right after I made it, I haven’t been wearing it because it feels huge on me. It’s partly the over-sized pockets but I think it’s also just a size too big.

Closet Case Kelly Anorak

I gave this to my sister and it’s perfect for her so I’m happy it found a good home. I already have the fabric to remake it in 2020 with modified front pockets and closer attention to getting the fit I want. I’m excited to give it another go.

Make 7 – Kalle Shirt/Dress

It was really a Closet Case year for me! I made my first Kalle in the spring and started with the shirt version. After reading the reviews, I lengthened the front and that proved to be the right decision but I probably could have sized down.

For my second, I went with the dress version in a smaller size with a modified hem line and pop-over placket. I added a waist tie and I really liked it but…. the pop-over placket was too long and stuck out oddly right where the waist ribbon tied. I wore it a bunch in the hot summer but the placket/waist tie combo always bugged me. I didn’t like it without the tie so in early fall I decided to hack off the length and turn it into a tunic length that I could tuck into pants and wear without the tie. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of that version yet but it will likely feature heavily in Me Made May next year.

Closet Case Kalle Shirt and Shirt Dress

Make 8 – Magnolia Dress

The Deer and Doe Magnolia Dress was an impulse purchase and a journey but I’m glad I stuck with it and eventually ended up with something I love. I started with a top version as one of my first makes of the year because I knew the bust fit would be a challenge. I was right and I made a few modifications that I used on a dress version in very early spring. After the mods, it fit really well but unfortunately I had cut it just a little too short for how light the fabric was and didn’t find myself wearing it. It languished in my closet until I got the idea to ADD A RUFFLE. The result is my perfect holiday party dress. I haven’t had a chance to wear it yet but I will this holiday season… with my last Make Nine make to wear over it.

Make 9 – Rumana Coat

Last but definitely not least, the By Hand London Rumana Coat was by far my most challenging make of the year. I really took my time with this and it paid off. From the pattern mods, to my purple toile, to more mods, to my final version, I worked hard on this one and the result is exactly what I had hoped. There is so much more information in my blog posts if you’re interested.

I feel like I reached my goal this year. More than making these nine patters, I took my time and focused on each until I got it right (or close to right). For next year, I am not stopping with these. I will keep the Ginger Jeans and Kelly Anorak on my Make Nine 2020 list. The Magnolia dress won’t be on my list but I do plan to use the pattern again now that I have the bust fit. I want to make a longer version with flutter sleeves, maybe in velvet for next year’s holiday season? I haven’t decided yet but I know I won’t let my hard work on these patterns go to waste.

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Lindsay