Marigold Clyde Pants Hack 2

I tried it again! The same Clyde pants hack from my last post but this time much narrower and made out of Tencel Twill from Blackbird Fabrics. I made these while I was up in Nanaimo, helping my mom after her double knee replacement. She’s a champ though and I didn’t have to do much so I got some time to sew.

The Tencel wrinkles but doesn’t look too bad after a day of sitting and the elastic waistband is great for long wear. As well as narrowing these ones, I reduce the rise and the pocket depth. I still need to reduce the front rise some more and I reduced the pockets too much so I’ll have to add some back on for my next pair. Not much else to say. I really like these ones!

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Lindsay