Marigold/Anza Jumpsuit

This make was ALL ABOUT the fabric. I bought two metres of this gorgeous Linen/Cotton Chambray from Blackbird Fabrics on a whim before I new what I wanted to make. I thought, and thought, and thought some more – then was walking downtown wearing my Marigold Jumpsuit when it came to me – IT HAD TO BE ANOTHER JUMPSUIT.

I had worked so hard on the fit of the Marigold pants (and know I will have to work that hard to fit every jumpsuit ever) so I decided to make use of the work I’d already done. For the top, I decided to use the top of the Itch to Stitch Anza dress which I had recently purchased but only printed the dress version (it is a jumpsuit as well).

I cut the size 2 (C-cup) of the Anza top. I’m a B-cup but I went with the C because it meant I had to print fewer AO pages and sized down so the measurements worked. The only mod I made was to remove the curve from bottom of the front pieces to make the front straight across. I didn’t want the front to blouse out too much and I knew I wouldn’t fill out the bust enough to raise the front. I would have liked to remove a little more but I can barely get in and out as it is so I’m glad I left it (my measurements are 35/29/36 for reference).

The only additional mods I made to the pants (I kept all the mods I’d previously made – see my Marigold post for details) were to lower the centre front by one inch (tapering to nothing at the side seams) and slightly widen the back legs at the calf. With these two mods, the fit of these pants is pretty much perfect now.

Voila – a pattern/pattern/fabric match made it soft, comfy heaven. This cotton/linen blend is completely opaque and has good weight while still being lovely and soft to the touch. At the time of this post there is this colourway and a light blue available – check out Blackbird Fabrics for details. The buttons on this jumpsuit were even meant to be. They were given to me by a co-worker and were the perfect size and the exact number I needed.

These two patterns fit together so well – I didn’t have to modify either to have them meet up perfectly at the waist. It’s like they were made to go together! The Marigold Jumpsuit was on my Make Nine list this year and I’m so happy I’ve been able to make it work after my initial trials. I plan to make a pair of pants with this pattern now that I’ve nailed the fit.

I wore this jumpsuit for the first time to work and was soooo comfy in it all day. I love the fit of the sleeves – they are similar in construction to the Kalle but fit more closely. I think I’ll make the Anza again as a dress but with a thinner, full front placket and ties rather than elastic at the waist.

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~ Lindsay

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