Closet Case – Kalle Dress

I told you I’d make another Kalle! After my first go at the pattern – the shirt version made in a size 8 – I immediately decided to take another run at it. This time, I sized down to a 6 and made the dress version with pop-over placket and a modified hem.

Sizing down was the right choice. This time, the neck, arm holes and shoulders fit perfectly. I went with the suggested size for my measurements the first time around so was not expecting to have to size down but the 6 is definitely my size. I highly recommend measuring the collar stand pattern piece to estimate the finished neck measurement and basing your size off of that.

The hem on this pattern is dramatically curved and much longer in the back. I modified the length of the front, bringing it down to only two inches shorter than the back, and reduced the upward curve at the side seams significantly. To finish the hem I used the bias tape method from the pattern. With the light fabric I could have gone with a simple rolled hem but I wanted the added weight of the bias binding to help anchor the hemline.

Of the many lovely versions of this dress that I found under the #kalleshirtdress hashtag on Instagram, the ones I liked most were always belted. Being quite short, I also know very well that loose shapes make me look like I’m drowning in fabric (and it does, I tried it), so I added two “belt loops” to the front. I considered a full casing because the fabric is very light weight and I wanted to ensure enough support to for the belt, but I decided it would look too bulky when gathered.

My first “belt” is just a ribbon, which has two benefits. It is really light so doesn’t pull on the light weight fabric and it is also really easy to loosen and tighten depending on the time of day.

Out for a walk on Me Made May day 10

The fabric for this make is the same as my last Kalle in the olive colourway. It is a lovely viscose poplin from Blackbird Fabrics. I don’t think I’d go any lighter weight for this pattern. The light weight makes elements like the collar, placket and hem more challenging but it feels great to wear and will be lovely in the summer heat… or the spring heat. It was 27 degrees today and it is only May 10!

Now that I’ve found my perfect fit, I plan to wear this all summer long. I may even make a third version.

Oh, I also made the sandals I’m wearing :)

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Lindsay