Ultimate Shift Dress – Crop Top Hack

I sense a theme in my recent makes… I’ve made so many Ultimate Shift Dresses lately that you would think I was sponsored by Sew Over It (I’m not, but wouldn’t that be great?). Anyway, I had a teeny bit of fabric left over from my last Ultimate Shift Dress and decided to hack it into a little crop-top to wear with high waist jeans and skirts.

The only change I made to the Ultimate Shift Dress pattern for this top was widening the centre back by a half inch on each side. This relieved some of the tightness I mentioned in my last post, which was super important because I cheated on the back button closer. It isn’t a working button, it’s just sewn on. Shhhhh.

Because I used such a tiny remnant, I wasn’t able to pattern match the back, but at least I got the front symmetrical!

This is a great little hack for an easy to wear, woven top. I made mine quite short intentionally (and due to fabric restrictions) but you could make yours any length, with sleeves or without. The Ultimate Shift Dress pattern also comes with flutter sleeves, which I haven’t tried yet. I guess that’s another project!

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