Cropped Grainline Archer

I was gifted this cut of light-weight embroidered cotton by the same lovely friend who gave me the flower print viscose that I used for my recent Orla Midi. There wasn’t a lot of it, only at 1.5m in a narrow width, but it was lovely and light so I wanted to use it. When I first saw it, I thought Kalle would be the way to go but I didn’t quite have enough. I also have been preferring a fitted shoulder recently so turned to the only other shirt patter in my stash – the Grainline Archer.

From view of my cropped, short sleeved Grainline Archer worn over a self-drafted t-shirt and my cropped summer ginger jeans.

I made my first two Archers in late summer 2020. For this version, I backed out most of the changes that I had made for my second version, keeping only the high round back and the lowered front neckline. Here are the sizing and mods:

  • Cut size 6 with straightened side seams (my current measurements are 35/29/36)
  • Retained the 1cm high round back (in the yoke piece) and 1 cm lowered front neckline
  • Also retained the reduced pocket size from my previous version
  • Cut the size 4 under collar and size 4 collar stands (I find these pieces to be oversized on the pattern as it is drafted)
  • My fabric dictated the length of the bodice and sleeves – I just used what I had
The fit turned out perfectly. I love the cropped length and straightened side seams.

I went into this planning on an easy, lazy make then decided really had to pattern match the vertical seams. I was too lazy to change out my serger thread so french seamed every seam that wasn’t already enclosed (side seams, sleeve seams and shoulder seams) so she’s quite lovely all around.

Back view. I had to get creative with the cutting out so the yoke is cut cross grain.
I find I wear it open most often, layered over a t-shirt.

The rest of this was just a calm, enjoyable make. It was a welcome change from working with shifty viscose for my last project. I didn’t know how much I’d really wear this style but I’ve already reached for it multiple times since I finished it last week. It’s proving to be the perfect light layer over a t-shirt for the slowly warming summer weather.

Side view. You can also better see the fit of the neckline when buttoned in this photo. The neck fits great with the size 4 collar stand and under collar.

This was an unplanned make this summer, from free fabric, with buttons and a pattern from my stash, so feels like a gift. I love being able to shop my stash and spend the time to rework existing patterns to suit my vision and my fabric. The modifications on this one were minor but they resulted in a completely different look that my past version and I love it. I’ve dreamed up another pattern mod that I’m excited to get working on soon.

Until then, thanks for stopping by!

~ Lindsay

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