Seamwork Mesa #2

After the success of my first try, and how much I ended up wearing it, I decided another Seamwork Mesa was in order (although if you read my last post, you know I already had this fabric cut out before I even wore my first one). Whatever the order was, I made another Mesa dress and it’s great!

I used another ponti di roma remnant from Fabricland for this version. The Victoria Fabricland store expanded and they got in a whole bunch of ponti remnants from Ontario. This one was my favourite and I snapped it up back in November.

I love the black velvet flocking but the remnant quite small so I removed the side slits from the dress and brought the hem up by about two inches. The result is a bit short with bare legs but I have found that I prefer to wear it with tights anyway so the length ends up being perfect. I kept everything else the same as my black mesa.

I finished this dress right before Christmas and wore it with black tights for Christmas dinner. It was the perfect dress to eat too much and accommodated my holiday food-baby without any discomfort. I think for my next version I’d like to make a bright coloured one with shorter sleeves for summer. I just need to wait for the bright coloured ponti fabrics to come into stores. There will definitely be more Mesa dresses in my future!

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Lindsay