Perfect Pants Pattern – Round 2

I am still on the search for my perfect pants pattern (more on that here). With my latest round I came close, only to learn for sure that my body type does not let me make straight leg, slim fit pants. I can sort of fudge it by making the legs wide enough to fit my calves and then tapering the side seams in at the knee so they look straight when I wear them, but they aren’t really straight. So much for that dream. The legs on my pants pattern are now shaped like hour glasses!

Despite my realization, I think I improved my pattern on this round. It helps that the material I found is the softest thick stretch cotton and makes it feel like I’m wearing PJs to work. Seriously, it is that soft. I added a bit of length, used a button at the top of the side zip instead of a clasp, and relaxed the fit on the legs just a bit to make them more comfortable.

This pair has filled a big navy-pants-sized gap in my wardrobe and, with that filled, I think I’m going to take a break from pants for a while. The journey isn’t over though. Come fall I bet I’ll be trying again. My next goal is to move back to a zip front fly so that I can add pockets back into my pattern… but that can wait until fall.

The sweater is the post is one that I hand-knit about 15 years ago. It is washable cotton and has held up really well after many, many washes. The shoes and my favourite Miz Mooz from a few seasons ago. I love mint and navy. I think it is my favourite colour combination.

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Lindsay