Double Reversible Ogden Cami

When my Sudley Blouse collar did not survive the wash (my fault, not the pattern or fabric), I wanted to reuse the lovely fabric by making a stash-busting Ogden cami… but I didn’t have enough fabric for the lining. That constraint was the impetus behind this idea. If I was going to have to line it with something else anyway, why not make it double reversible?

I’d already tested out a two-later version with some white fabric remnants last week. I used two layers because the lining showed through otherwise.

For this version I also made it more work friendly by widening the straps and scooping the front neckline. These changes worked well and, had I not made a high-low hem, would have effectively made the cami reversible with two different necklines.

So when my Sudley Blouse did not survive the wash, the only thing I needed to do differently (along with straightening out the hem) was make the straps out of two pieces of fabric instead of one. That meant was cutting the strap pattern piece in half length wise and adding seam allowance back to one of the long sides. With that easy change made, the rest was a super quick sew.

I used a scrap of Tencel Twill for one side and the lovely viscose poplin from my Sudley blouse on the other. When I under stitched the lining I made sure to have the plan fabric slightly peaking over to the other side because I thought the patterned fabric would be too obvious if it showed.

I finished both layers separately with as small a rolled hem as I could manage. There are a few places where you can just see the hem of the other layer peaking through but it’s not super noticeable and I think that’s pretty much unavoidable when you’re trying to make some thing like this double reversible.

I’m going to count this as a major pattern hack success. Four tops for the time and fabric of one! That’s a win in my books.

Thanks for stopping by.

~ Lindsay