DIY Scuba Pencil Skirt

This summer I really enjoyed wearing elastic-waisted, knit pencil skirts. They look professional but, unlike their woven siblings, are also incredibly comfortable to wear when sitting all day at a desk. Knit fabric tends to cling to tights though so I thought I had to leave this favourite style behind as the weather got colder… but thenĀ I picked up a beautiful blue scuba from an Indiesew sale at the end of the summer.

I didn’t know what I was going to make with it when I bought it but I loved the colour and I had been wanting to try scuba. When I encountered my knit pencil skirt conundrum I decided to give it a try and, surprise, it works great! It is thick enough that it isn’t bothered by the tights and still has enough stretch to be comfortable at work. Basically, a total win for fall and winter pencil skirt wearing!

I make my knit pencil skirt pattern myself. The design is incredibly basic. It is high waisted and follows my shape to the hips then angles back in slightly to the hem. I cut it to my exact waist and hip measurements (plus seam allowance) and then, depending on the stretchiness of the knit, take it in if needed before I add the waistband. The waistband is 2″ elastic covered with the same fabric as the skirt. My hips are narrow enough that I don’t need to put any openings or fastenings, I just slide it on and off.

I’m really excited about this discovery. Scuba isn’t the easiest thing to sew with because it is quite thick (my serger really wasn’t impressed with it so I didn’t end up finishing all of my seams), but the thickness also makes it great to wear because it gives clothes structure while also allowing them to stretch. I have a bit of this lovely blue scuba left and I’m hoping it might be enough for a little dress. I also have some more scuba coming that I’ve ordered so stay tuned.

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Lindsay