Custom Pattern Party Dress

In my quest to make an entire wardrobe for myself, I’m focusing on making pieces without patterns but I am not discounting using them for some of the harder-to-make pieces. This party dress is one example. I used a custom pattern from Bootstrap Fashion and have since repurposed the bodice pattern and skirt for other purposes.

I have had some success with my Bootstrap Fashion purchases. The patterns are supposed to be made to your measurements and some of the patterns I’ve ordered have been great. Others, not so much, but they aren’t very expensive and if you have trouble finding commercial patterns that fit your body shape and have access to a printer, I would recommend giving them a try. Here are some more photos of this dress. Now to find somewhere fancy to wear it…. anyone know of a good garden party happening in Victoria soon?


Did I mention it has pockets? Pockets in dresses are one of my favourite things. They make me love this dress. I really need to find somewhere to wear it soon!

Thanks for stopping by :)

~ Lindsay