Exploring Cropped Wide-leg Pants

I’ve been attracted to cropped wide-leg pants for quite a while but the ones I’ve tried on in stores just haven’t looked (or felt) good on me. Not being very tall (I’m 161 cms, that’s just over 5’3″ and relatively petite aside from my ex-gymnast thighs) probably has a lot to do with this feeling, but my lack of desire to wear heels is also to blame. Every version of wide cropped pants I’ve tried on either made my thighs look like sausages, drowned me in fabric, or really required more height – but I really wanted some… so I decided to make my own.

I did not have a pattern for this project. I traced some high-waisted pants to get the general shape of the wait and hips and then just guessed at the rest. Basically I drew a very slight a-line shape down from the low hip. I added box pleats at the front which are impossible to see in these photos and probably very unnecessary, and also some slant pockets because who doesn’t like pockets?

The big problem I’m having now is deciding if I like them. Styling them is harder than I thought it would be. The few heels that I own work ok as long as I keep the top fairly fitted. It’s definitely a struggle to style these with flats but sandals seem to be ok (maybe). I just don’t know if I like these on me. Here are some more photos. I’m interested to hear what you think. Have you tried wide-leg pants? Do you like them? How do you wear them?

~ Lindsay