DIY Jean Jacket

It’s been two years since I decided I wanted to remake my favourite RTW jean jacket. Last year I painstakingly traced each piece and added seam allowances. I also bought and died (twice) the fabric for it then I ran out of steam.

There are soooo many pattern pieces in a jean jacket!

Since then it has sat in my project box waiting for me to find the motivation to keep going. This year I put it on my 2018 Make Nine list in hopes that having it on a list would convince me to go for it. Spoiler alert… it worked!

New vs. Old

I decided to follow the Hampton Jean Jacket tutorial from Alina Sewing and Design Co. and it helped me get over the major hurdle of how to put it together. After a quick muslin to check the fit and work out the construction, I decided to go for it. It took me two weeks of intentionally slow work and the final result is about as good as I could have hoped.

There are a few issues of course. There is no way to tackle a DIY project like this and have it be perfect! I attached the collar a bit high where it joins the front plackets. That’s an easy fix though and I may go back and correct it at some point – or I’ll just leave it because does it really make a difference?

It also turned out a tad bigger than my old one but not enough to be a big concern. The worst bummer is that I messed up the installation of the buttons and cut the holes too big so I think the buttons are going to pull out over time. Novice jean button installation mistake. Luckily I have a bit of fabric remaining and I think I know enough about the construction now to replace the button band if I have to.

It was definitely too cold for jean jacket wearing but outdoor photos were necessary

Otherwise I’d say it’s pretty perfect. It is my last make for my 2018 Make Nine and I am thrilled that I pushed myself to do it before the craziness of December sets in.

Now to come up with my 2019 Make Nine plans…

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Lindsay