Why I Sew

My clothes, the cake, and my mom’s clothes, all handmade by her

Let me start this post my saying, I like clothes. I mean, I really like clothes. I follow fashion bloggers, I obsess over my own style, and I plan my wardrobe on Sunday night for the week ahead. I like to have a lot of clothes.

It hasn’t always been this way though. When I started sewing it wasn’t because I loved clothes. I had no interest in fashion until my mid-twenties. I started sewing at the age of 12 because I loved to make things, and because of my mother. My two siblings and I were very well-dressed children growing up and my mom made almost all of our clothes.

I had access to my mother’s sewing machine and her patterns from the 60’s and 70’s and sewed during much of high school. I never moved beyond commercial patterns though and was disappointed with the fit of the things I made as I got older and my body changed. When I moved out on my own in my 20’s I didn’t have my own sewing machine and I stopped sewing.

My first sewing machine of my own

Fast forward to 2014 – I was become increasingly frustrated with the clothing industry. I didn’t want to buy clothes made cheaply because I knew that someone, somewhere was paying for that reduced price and clothes that were made ethically were difficult for me to afford. I was also tired of taking every pair of pants I bought in to be hemmed when I knew I had the skill to do it myself. On a whim, I bought myself a little computerized sewing machine (Brother CS6000i) on Amazon. This little inexpensive sewing machine became my gateway back to being a maker.

First I hemmed all of my pants. Next I altered the fit of some jeans, reworked an old blazer, and made a donated dress fit my figure. The next thing I knew, I had altered every alterable garment in my closet and the next logical step was to start making my own clothes again, but this time without using commercial patterns.

Now I am teaching myself how to use existing clothes to make my patterns. I’ve also started learning to make patterns from scratch by taking apart old clothes to see how they are made. This year, I upgraded my sewing machine to a Brother NQ700 Innovis and I’m going to start documenting what I am learning on this blog and maybe I can help you to start sewing your own clothes too!

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