Valentine’s Manicure with Rainbow Honey Nail Polish

I rarely mix purple, pink and red in my nail art, but for my Valentine’s nails this year I’m throwing those norms right out the window with a pretty pastel and sparkle skittle manicure.

Rainbow Honey Valentine's Skittle Manicure

The recent sample I received from Rainbow Honey could not have come at a better time. As soon as I saw the polishes, I knew that they would make a PERFECT Valentine’s skittle manicure.

Rainbow Honey Nail Polish Rainbow Honey Tessie, ??? and ???

For this manicure I used three polishes: Tessie (provided by Nail Polish Canada last fall), Persephone and Sweet Talk (provided by Rainbow Honey).


Tessie is a pretty pale lilac. Persephone is a gorgeous copper/red shimmer polish that really could be a one coater it is so packed with colour. It was part of Rainbow Honey’s Holiday 2013 Collection. Sweet Talk is from a collection of the same name and is one of the best glitter polish I have ever used! I love small glitters in a coloured (rather than clear) base. Sweet Talk is a shimmery white base packed with small and micro pink/red, purple and light turquoise hex glitters. The effect is like a perfect jelly polish with multi colour pastel glitter. It is gorgeous! Tessie and Persephone pick up on the glitters in Sweet Talk perfectly, which is really the key to a good skittle manicure. The only other tools I used for this manicure are a medium sized dotting tool and some nail art striping tape (more details below).

Rainbow Honey Sweet Talk

The small heart was done with Tessie over two coats of Persephone. I used a dotting tool to make the heart (check out my heart video tutorial to find out how).

Valentine Skittle Manicure

The striped nail was done with nail art striping tape like this:

Striping Tape Nail Art

  1. Pre-cut 24 pieces of striping tape (12 per striped nail)
  2. Place tape on completely dry nail
  3. Make sure the tape is pressed down firmly (no bubbles)
  4. Paint over with one coat of your second colour (use an opaque polish so that it covers in one coat!)
  5. Remove the tape (in the opposite order you applied it)
  6. Top coat to smooth out any bumps and ridges and unify your design

One thing I do find about the Rainbow Honey polishes that I have tried is they dry fairly quickly. This is great generally but it can make nail art difficult sometimes. On the striped nail on my left hand you can see that the stripes are not perfect (shown below). This is because the layer of Persephone started to dry before I could remove all of the striping tape and the polish pulled up with the tape in places. That’s the only, tiny, mark against this polish for me…. I’ll have to remember to speed up next time!

Valentine's Nail Art

(For more tips on striping tape nail art check out my video tutorials for Retro Stripes, Spring Colour Block, or Turquoise and Gold Tape Manicure)

Rainbow Honey Tessie, Persephone and Sweet Talk Rainbow Honey Persephone

I started off this manicure with a base coat of OPI Natural Nail Base Coat. As always, I finished with Essie Good to Go top coat. I used one layer of top coat on the red nail and the purple nail and two layers on each of the striped and glitter polish nails to make them perfectly smooth.

Try your own skittle manicure. Pick three or four polishes but make sure that the colours all work together or one of the polishes ties the others together. Keep the design minimal and some of your nails plain and you’ve got yourself a skittle mani!

Also, I recommend giving these polishes a try. In Canada you can purchase them from Nail Polish Canada or directly from Rainbow Honey :)

~ Lindsay


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