Thrifted Refashion #3

Before I get started with this post I need to say, the thing that drew me to this skirt in the thrift store was the colour but no matter what I tried, I could not take a photo that really showed the colour. In reality it is much less orange than this, more on the spectrum between coral and salmon. Here’s what I started with:It was an 8-panel skirt that flared out at the bottom. It had an elastic back waist and four belt loops. There was a lot about it to like but it was many sizes too large for me and the elastic waist had to go. I removed the elastic and interfaced and repurposed the casing as the back waist band. I wanted to keep it 8-panelled so I took in every second seam around the skirt. Luckily, only every other seam had top-stitching so I took in the ones that didn’t and left the top stitching alone.

Aside from colour, the other thing I really liked was the length of this skirt so I left that alone. I had hoped to add side slit pockets but it ended up too fitted around my hips so the pockets pulled open when I tried it on. It’s a shame because if I had planned better, I could have left it a bit looser and the pockets would have worked great. I kept the belt the skirt came with and added a few extra knots to bring it down to my size.

My white T is also me-made. It is self-drafted and I made it out of one of G’s cast-off polos. I love it. Ok. Confession time. I love the fit of this skirt at the back. I wasn’t aiming to make it this fitted but I dig it. If I had left it looser to make the pockets work, I would have lost this fit so I guess it’s a win after all!

Over all, this was a pretty basic and easy refashion, with the exception of the stitch ripping which took me far longer than I had anticipated. I’m glad I have this skirt now though. I have been wearing my Thrifted Refashion #2 skirt so much that I knew another midi-length skirt would be a valuable addition to my wardrobe.

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Lindsay

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