Thrifted Refashion #2

Last weekend I made my first trip to the thrift store with a mindset to pick up things I could refashion. With this goal, I stuck to the extra-large section so that I would have a lot of fabric to work with and came away with two t-shirts, a skirt and a blouse. The T-shirts were quick to refashion by opening up all of the seams and cutting new smaller shirts out of them. This is probably how I’ll make all of my t-shirts now because purchasing thrifted shirts is significantly less expensive than buying t-shirt fabric! I’ve washed and set aside the blouse as a future product. This post though, is about the skirt.

I started with an XXL green and white stripped, cotton blend, eight panel, 3/4 circle skirt with a button up front. It had a partially elastic waist and, from looking at the tags, I would guess it was made some time in the 80’s. It was made in Canada!

I refashioned it to fit me and be a little more modern looking in five quick steps:

  1. Seam-rip the waist band above two of the side panels and cut out the panels
  2. Sew the remaining panels together and take in the waist band the same amount
  3. Use the left over panels to make belt loops and sew them to the waist band
  4. Bring up the hem to the right length
  5. change out the buttons

For a total of $10 (skirt plus buttons) I transformed this skirt into something that will be a staple of my wardrobe this summer. I’ve already worn it once and I love it. The only thing that isn’t perfect about it is that I couldn’t put in pockets. When I got rid of the two panels, I lost the side seams. Otherwise the extra material from the panels would have been perfect for pockets. Otherwise though, it’s great. Here are some more photos.

Thrifting is not only cheaper than buying new fabric, it is also a form of recycling in an industry that can take a huge toll on the environment. There are so many good reasons to buy thrifted clothes.

I can’t wait to get started on the blouse project. Watch for it coming to the blog soon along with many more thrifted refashions!

~ Lindsay

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