Sew Over It – Ultimate Shift Dress #4

I couldn’t help it. I made another. I’m probably done for a while now though… I love this dress (obviously if you’ve been following along at all) but fall is setting in and I’ll be switching to warmer clothes soon. For my last (for the time being) Sew Over It Ultimate Shift Dress I decided to try a bunch of little hacks. I’ll say more about the hacks below but first, a look at the finished dress and let me say, this colour is incredibly difficult to photograph!

Now the hacks:

#1 – I cut the sleeves out straight (rather than tapered inward) and then cut a 4″ slit at the back of the sleeve, about 3″ from the underarm seam. I faced this slit and turned under the facing to make a little rounded opening. To finish off the sleeve I used a piece of binding that I left long on both ends s that I could tie it in a bow.

#2 – I gathered the very top edge of the sleeve for a little bit of a dressier look. I had to reduce the size of the arm hole to accommodate this change because I didn’t decide to do this until I had already cut everything out. It worked out though because there was some extra room in the arms.

#3 – I decided to add a zipper closure at the back. This was mostly because I find my other ultimate shift dresses a tad tricky to take off. The zipper makes it far easier. The rayon was quite thin so I interfaced the back edges of the fabric before adding the zipper. I also kept the back width adjustment that I first tried on my crop top hack and the waist shaping that I added to my sleeveless cotton version and my short sleeved rayon one.

These small changes give this shift dress a bit more of a dressed up feel compared to my last 3/4 sleeve shift and make it the perfect fall transition dress. The rayon works well with my tights and I think the colour, even though it is a purply pink, is perfectly rich for the season.

I love how easy it was to make little changes to this pattern. It’s always fun to get multiple uses out of a pattern purchase and I think I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth out of this one. I may try a lined tweed version of this dress this winter but for now I think it’s time to give some other patterns a try.

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Lindsay

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