Sew Over It – Ultimate Shift Dress #3

Clearly, I cannot get enough of this dress. Just a short post today to show you my most recent Sew Over It Ultimate Shift Dress. This time I made a short sleeved version, maintaining the extra width I added to the back in my crop top hacks (version 1 and version 2). I also kept the faux button on the back. On this new version I shaped the side seams a bit, bringing it in at the waist for a slightly more fitted look.

Since I made this dress I have worn it weekly. It is rayon and was perfect for the long end of summer. The one disappointment with it is that the pattern was not on grain so the dress hem looks completely crooked even though it is straight. I guess that’s what happens when you buy fabric from the 70% off section at Fabricland and combine that with completely crooked shoulders from scoliosis. Oh well. I haven’t let it stop me wearing this dress!

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Lindsay


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