Seamwork Camden

A cape coat is something I’ve wanted to make for a couple of years. I’ve had the Camden pattern for a few months but I knew I couldn’t have a cape coat that didn’t have pockets and I was daunted to start because I knew I was going to have to figure out how to insert my own pockets. I finally went for it though and am so happy with the result!

The fabric I used is a thrifted wool blend (I’m assuming, I don’t actually know the fibre content but it feels like wool) from Value Village and a thick bridal satin lining. The pattern I used is Seamwork Camden and I made the size 6.

Now about the pockets. Here is my thinking… it’s tough to carry a purse or bag when you’re wearing a cape right? So where was I going to put my phone and keys? Also, how could I have my hands outside the slits but also warm and cozy? The answer to both questions – POCKETS. I decided to put three pockets in my Camden – one patch pocket inside and two welt pockets just outside of the arm slits. I used Made By Aya’s YouTube tutorial for the welts and there were incredibly easy… after I finally got up the nerve to cut into my almost finished cape (which was terrifying).

Once I got up the nerve to put in the pockets, the instructions for Camden were easy to follow and it was quite a simple make. The only two things that I would change on this pattern are the sizing and the finishing. It would be really nice if, instead of bust as the main measurement for this pattern, the sizing was done by shoulder width. Shoulders are the main fit point and for me, with a small bust and relatively wide shoulders, sizing was tough. I made the 6 based on my bust might have been better to size up to the 8 in hindsight. Some shoulder measurements would really help with picking the correct size. For the finishing, the instructions don’t include any finishing of the vertical seams. I went back after the fact and finished all my seams because the wool was fraying but it would have been nice to have that step included in the instructions (finishing instructions are included for other seams, but not the vertical ones). If you plan to make the Camden, and you should because it is awesome, you might want to keep those two things in mind. Otherwise I found the Camden to be a great make and I really enjoyed putting it together.

Ok, so a cape isn’t the most practical outer garment, especially here on the wet west coast, but I love it! It is warm and keeps me dry (as long as I have an umbrella with me) and it is just so unique compared to most of the outerwear I see. I’ve worn it out a couple of times and am looking forward to another dry day soon so I can pull it out of the closet again.

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Lindsay

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