Seamwork – Astoria #2

After realizing on my first Seamwork Astoria how incredibly easy it was to make, I new I’d be making more. Round 2 is made with Ponti di Roma again. I found a bunch on Ponti remnants at my local fabric store and bought them up for exactly this kind of project. I can make this cute little sweater with less than a meter of fabric.

This time around I changed up the cuffs again so that they are the same size as the waistband. I like the consistency in the look but my cuff alterations are also functional. I make my Astoria sweatshirts (and many of my other knit projects) entirely on my serger so the separate cuff works much better for me. I also add two inches to the length of the bodice to make it a more wearable with less high-waisted bottoms. I’m not sure why my face came out so pink in this week’s photos, but the sweatshirt looks great.

My second time making this pattern was even faster than the first. I made it in under an hour, including cutting out the fabric, the night before leaving on a weekend away. It’s a super easy make and this one wont’ be my last!


Thanks for stopping by!

~ Lindsay

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