Thrifted Refashion #4

I took a break from difficult projects last weekend and did a quick refashion of a hand-me-down dress with a lovely boarder print. The dress wasn’t really my style but I wanted to do something with it that showed off the fabric. I decided on a simple top.

This top I decided to make is basically just a ‘T’ shape that I cut out upside down from the skirt of the dress. I did a few things to help fit the top without using darts:

  1. I pulled in the sides of the front piece at the top before cutting the fabric. I did this by pinning a large pleat in the centre front and laying the front piece on the back piece before cutting them both out the same shape. This made a bit of a cowl neck at the front so it isn’t too tight across my chest.
  2. I put little box pleats in the shoulders. I probably should have done this before I hemmed them but I only decided to do it after the whole thing was done because the shoulders stuck straight out.
  3. I curved the bottom edges a bit at the sides so the hem didn’t end up straight across.

This was a really easy project and I love the result. I don’t have any boxy tops in my wardrobe and this one is so unique, plus it was free! I also have the lining and the zipper from the dress left over for another project. Thrifted project are so fun.

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Lindsay

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