Me Made May 2019 Summary

We’re done! The challenge of wearing a diverse array of me-made clothing all month was fun. Posting photos daily was a little bit fun, but mostly tiring. In May I pulled things out of my closet that I haven’t worn in a while (partly because the weather changes in May and summer clothes come back out). Some went directly into the refashion or donate bin, others have hopefully now found their way back into regular rotation for a while.

Last year during Me Made May, I wore a total of six pairs of me-made pants – counting two pairs of sweats and a pair of PJ pants. Needing pants, casual weekend clothes and some spring coats was my key take-away in 2018.

This year I wore a total of nine different pairs of me-made pants on 15 days. I also had my new Kelly Anorak for the one cold and rainy day of the month and my DIY jean jacket and Londres trench. The only key elements that I felt like I was missing this year were more me-made bras, tops to work with lower-waisted pants and skirts, and a versatile cover up for work. I rectified that last one during the month with my reversible Wiksten Haori.

I definitely found my style changed from last year. Obviously, with all the pants-wearing. My change in jobs since last year probably has a lot to do with it. Also, my foray into making jeans this year has opened up a new realm in dressing that I’ve been loving. I want to try some versions of the Gingers and Landers with slightly lowered waists now though because I found that the super high waists bind and become uncomfortable after a long day at work.

Here are the outfits I wore each day of the month with links to the posts for items I’ve previously blogged. Photos were a combinations of selfies, husband and a willing co-worker.

Last day tradition – a cartwheel boomerang!

Following along with Me Made May last year and again this year, has been an opportunity to think about my future making. Seeing everyone’s posts is inspiring and I always learn about new patterns and ways of wearing clothes that I hadn’t considered before. For the rest of my makes this year I plan to focus on bras and swim suits, moving on to a winter coat and some warm merino sweatshirts in the fall and winter. I’m contemplating putting myself on a pattern-buying hiatus next year and focussing on pattern alterations to make the things I want. I would like to challenge myself but it know it will be hard to resist cool new patterns… I have to think on it some more.

Now that Me Made May is over, I plan to reduce my time on Instagram and go back to posting every week or two. It’s been a fun month but I am looking forward to a little break!

~ Lindsay

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