Matchy two-piece trial

I’m not sure when or why I started wanting to try a matching two-piece outfit, but I did and it happened. It also happened once before with two knit pieces but this time my vision was woven – specifically a floaty woven rayon from my stash. The result is…. well I’m not sure. Here it is in all of its matchy-matchy glory and keep reading for some other outfits that resulted from mixing and matching with other pieces in my closet.

The two patterns I modified to make this outfit are the Sew Over It Ultimate Shift Dress (modified previously into a top here and here) and the Dolores Skirt  (from the first English edition of La Maison Victor magazine September 2017). I modified the shift dress into a crop top again but this time I also widened the neck line and cut the back on fold to remove the back seam. The only change I made to the skirt was to shorten it significantly to knee length because, with the matching top, an ankle length skirt was really overwhelming on my petite frame. It is hard to see in photos but the skirt has buttons down the front and is gathered into the waist band. It also has roomy side-seam pockets.

In theory, I love the idea of this outfit. In photos, I’m not feeling as sure. The problem is that I’m incredibly short waisted so my natural waist is basically right under my last rib. This means that the skirt sits really high on me and makes the crop top overlap the skirt more than I want. In reality, the top is as cropped as I can make it without revealing my entire bra region when I raise my arms.  The only option that I can think of that might make it better is to shorten the skirt to above my knees to potentially improve the proportions of the outfit. I may still do this but I would prefer to leave it longer for coverage (reasons for long skirts discussed in more detail on my last post) so decided to leave it just below the knee for now and see how often I reach for it in my closet as the weather gets warmer.

I also tried the two pieces as separates and found four other outfits that I’m much more excited about!

Option 1: Knit pencil skirt and matching low-heels

I love a crop top/pencil skirt combo, especially with matching shoes. The top from this set works perfectly with my second DIY pencil skirt and this outfit will definitely be added to my workwear wardrobe when the weather warms up.

Option 2: Skinny jeans and sandals

There is a brown leaf in the pattern of the fabric and the length of this top is perfect to pair with my Second Denim high-waisted skinny jeans. Paired with flat sandals, this outfit will for sure be in rotation on weekends this spring and summer.

Option 3: Jean jacket and tank top with sandals

I wear my denim jacket almost every day in the summer (which is why I have plans to make a copy of this RTW one this spring – stay tuned) and this thrifted tank top picks up the teal in the skirt. This outfit will be perfect and comfy for breezy summer walks downtown.

Option 4: Spring/fall look with two shoe options

I love the skirt with my DIY turtleneck and block heels from France but this outfit probably won’t get much wear on account of the heels.
Though I prefer how this skirt looks with heels, the same outfit with my Louise et Cie oxfords will probably get more wear.

I wasn’t going for versatility when I embarked on this project but I’m please that I seem to have ended up with a mini capsule wardrobe! Will I wear these two pieces together? I don’t know. I will have to wait until it gets warmer out and see if I reach for them. Will I wear the other four outfits? Yes, definitely!

What do you think? Does the matchy-matchy look work with these two pieces? Does it work in outfits you’ve tried?

~ Lindsay

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