Inspiration Nails – Water Lily

I am always inspired by the amazing nails I see in my Instagram and Google + communities, and in the blogs I follow. Every once in a while I am so struck by a design that I just have to recreate it for myself. Today’s post is one such design.

My Water Lily Nails - inspired by So Nailicious

The blog post I was inspired by was this one on the So Nailicious blog. The design is done entirely free hand and, though I don’t know how she did hers, here’s how I achieved my version of this look. Sorry I don’t have photos or video this time. I was just focusing on the intricacies of this difficult design!

  1. Paint a light yellow/cream base (I used Zoya Jacqueline)
  2. Using a detail nail art brush, paint the gold lines (I used Color Club Antiquated)
  3. Using a very small, narrow nail art brush, fill in the sections between the lines (I used Essie Where’s My Chauffeur and Cover Girl Vio-Last)
  4. Retrace the gold lines, widening them and smoothing the edges of the coloured sections
  5. Top coat your gorgeous design.

Pretty Water Lily nail art

This one is NOT easy. As you can see, I painted both hands. I began with my non-dominant hand and made sure I set aside a fair amount of time. It took me about two hours to paint this design, not counting nail prep, base coat and top coat.

I absolutely LOVE the final look. I am so glad that I saw it, first on Instragram, and then on the So Nailicious blog. Just trying it has given me a bunch more ideas for similar designs.

Water Lily Nail Art Closeup of right hand nail art Closeup of left hand nail art Elegant Water Lily Nail Art Beautiful Water Lily Nails

Thank you for stopping by and special thanks to So Nailicious for the great idea!

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