I’m waiting. Waiting for the first day that I can wear skirts and dresses without tights. Waiting to bring my pretty shoes out of hiding. We were close last week. Spring has definitely arrived here in Victoria, but this weekend’s periods of torrential rain have been most discouraging. I try to remind myself that we would not have such lovely flowers and greenery year-round without the rain… but my shoes are sad. Just sitting there. Waiting.

Today’s nails are just as conflicted as our current weather. Pretty pastel blue hints of warm, clear skies, but silvery drops still fall among the white cherry blossoms.

The polishes I used for today’s design are Zoya Blu and Trixie (also seen here). The white is my favourite white polish, Orly White Out. The design is super easy, just layered dots. Here are some more photos.

Fingers crossed for warm, leather-shoe-friendly weather by the time I am done my spring semester. Only 26 more days and then I’m off for the summer! I can’t wait to get back to my projects again :)

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Lindasy

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