About Me

I live in an incredibly beautiful corner of the world, on an island, almost as far west as you can go in Canada.  I have followed my path through a degree in biological sciences, certification as a competitive gymnastics instructor, and a diploma in public relations. Currently I work in communications during the day and spend as many afternoons, evening and weekends as I can sewing.

I began sewing at around 12 and knitting a little after. I left both of these pursuits in my early twenties and picked them up again almost 10 years later when I began doing my own nail art and gained a new appreciation for my dormant craftiness.  I love doing things myself and seeing my efforts turn into something that I can wear, or see in my home every day brings me so much joy! I learn primarily through trial and error, Instagram and YouTube videos. The more I make, the better I am getting at coming up with my own ideas and designs. My current goal is to make an entire wardrobe for myself and this blog is dedicated to sharing what I’ve learned and the techniques and tricks that I have picked up along the way – hopefully inspiring you to take on your own DIY projects.

My sewing machine: Brother NQ700 Innovis

Feel free to post questions or comments, or send me an email. I would love to hear from you!